Getting Discounts from Car Rental Companies

You can easily save money at car rental companies by taking advantage of discounts. Most rental companies offer discounts for one reason or another. The challenge is to know about available discounts so you can make sure you get those you are eligible to receive. Following are specific ways you can get car rental discounts.

Redeem Rental Coupons

There are several places you can get rental coupons including from online coupon sites as well as certain rental sites, coupon books, and travel magazines. Typical coupons include free day car rentals and discount coupons. Cash discounts can range from $10 to $100 off a rental that meets certain eligibility requirements.

Present a Discount Code

If you are a member of travel associations such as AAA, you may be eligible for rental discounts. Your membership will include discount codes you can use to get lower rental rates. Certain business memberships also provide rental discounts. Most rental companies allow renters to use discount codes along with rental coupons which can help drivers save significant money.

Look For Online Deals

Just about all rental agencies advertise online. You have probably seen these ads yourself. Companies use online ads to drive web traffic to their website. Most ads also include toll-free telephone numbers that people can call to make reservations. You can check a rental agency's website to see if they have posted special offers. Sites that book car rentals may also have deals for renters. Online travel agencies and consolidators are a great resource for drivers looking for car rental discounts.

Become a Frequent Renter Program Member

Members get access to special offers and discounts that result in extra savings. Depending on the program, members may be able to also use coupons to get even lower rental rates. Many programs offer free rental days and substantial discounts to members on a regular basis.
Ask for a Business Discount

Corporations often get discounts because of the volume of business they give to the rental agency. Large companies may have corporate accounts at multiple rental agencies so check a head of time before making a reservation.

Check Out Credit Card Discounts

Depending on the credit card you are using, you may be able to get rental discounts you can use at car rental companies. Rewards credit cards can be a good source for discounts. The more points you earn, the larger the discount you may be able to get. You need to have this information in hand before you go to car rental companies.


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